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It all began in a small kitchen

It all started in Bangkok, at a meeting between a French master baker and his Thai counterpart, while demonstrating the unique benefits and eating qualities of deep-frozen pastries. Sharing the same passion, the two bakers joined forces to create a range of deep-frozen bakery products matching the quality of hand crafted pastries achieved by a baker.
The beginnings were modest. The duo produced their first pastries in a small kitchen of 35m2 in downtown Bangkok. The equipment was limited to a mixer, dough sheeter and lab size blast freezer.
It was during this crucial time that the five decisive quality features of the BONJOUR philosophy were defined. They remain at the heart of the BONJOUR identity:
1- The use of quality ingredients including pure butter and fresh yeast
2- The fine balance between artisan-based approach to production and the latest breakthrough in frozen dough techniques
3- Innovative new twists on traditional French recipes to suit Thai taste
4- Pastries baked fresh on location for better flavor
5- Affordable prices to allow as many Thai consumers as possible to have access and enjoy our pastries


Continued growth

After many months of recipe trials, BONJOUR opened its first stall in 2003 in a fresh market located in the heart of the Bangkok business district. The combination of the aromatic smell and tasty pastries was an immediate success. From thereon, more shops were opened in carefully selected locations; first in Bangkok and later in the provinces.
After a decade of continued growth, the values that were at the heart of the company in that small kitchen are still valid today: our uncompromising approach to product quality and service, our focus on innovation and, above all, our closeness to customers.


All BONJOUR baked products have been created by French and Thai pastry chefs using only the best imported and local quality ingredients. We only use pure butter and fresh yeast in the production of our choice pastries. The sweet and savory fillings are predominantly based on our own, tried and tested recipes.
The high quality of our products is a reflexion of the many handmade stages of the production process. We achieve a high degree of artisanship by bringing the pastries into their final shape by hand.
In conjunction with state of the art technology from Europe, this production method provides our customers with consistency and high quality.
Our standard range comprises over 30 different recipes, with innovative new products added every month.
From the development to the baking processes, we pride ourselves in the uniqueness and quality of our products.
The Bonjour commitment to excellence is also seen in our quality control, from random product checking to auditing the reliability of the cold supply chain. Strict procedures ensure that taste and appearance of our baked products remain always consistent.


People, along with our products, are the greatest asset of our company. This is why we look for certain qualities when welcoming new members to the team. We fill key positions with fully trained and qualified people who show passion and enthusiasm for their work.
The expertise and experience of our bakers and sales-team are our guarantee for delivering the best possible quality and turning customer shop visits into a satisfying experience.
We believe that quality products and professional customer service are inseparable. For this reason, our sales-team strives to assist customers in the selection of their pastries. We inform our customers on the product attributes, the promotion of the month, the latest product releases all the while creating an appealing product display.